These are all products I recommend. Books I like, wellness tools I use and violin items. I earn commissions on the links and only include products I believe in. Thank you for your support!

John O'Dononue was an Irish poet that I really like and his book of Celtic wisdom/Celtic spirituality deals with many of life's subjects and gives strength to anyone dealing with life's challenges. His words and quotes continue to inspire me.

I have this book in my permanent collection and the section on how to talk to clients and prospects about money is especially helpful in the freelance world.

My sister writes mystery/thriller books and this one is a page turner!  It takes place on the Oregon Coast which is also one of my favorite places to visit, so fun to read about that too.

These are a lifesaver if you have knots that you need to get rid of. I use them for the violin muscles behind my shoulders and also for spots in the hips/glutes. The grey ones are the hardest ones but they also have some lighter ones (blue is the lightest). I keep them inside their bag while rolling and this way they won't be rolling away...

This foam roller is my absolute favorite and has helped my spine and sore muscles. It's soft and I use it to roll out my legs, calves, and shoulders which get tight from violin. Lying on it and rolling  gently side to side also helps with balance.

I bought this rebounder when I needed to get some blood circulation/lymph nodes going. It's bigger than I thought it would be but I love it and it is very sturdy. I didn't end up installing the safety bar because I'm not jumping and I lay it against the wall when I'm not using it. It is heavy to carry up stairs so find one room for it!