Gearing up for 2022

Fall is starting in NY and I love that crisp season before it gets cold.  Having been inside for most of the pandemic and at a much slower pace,  it feels odd to venture out and I am doing a slow re-entry for sure. Part of that is deciding what to add back into your life and I'm looking at it as a chance to only add what is really meaningful. I just did an interview with Celtic Music International (coming out soon) and some of the questions really made me think about what my future will hold. 

I've applied for a few grants to do a Celtic show in 2022 and am doing some online violin and fiddle teaching as well. I also went to South Carolina this summer to attend the Conducting Institute there and have been working with a Youth Orchestra in NJ.

On the non-music side, I also took the training to become a COVID Compliance Officer on a film or TV set. Something new to try in a new world! 

I hope to have more news soon! 

Best wishes for the fall.